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Yup, still raining.

Had a rather freakish morning, waking up late and scrambling off to work. How am I so laid back now? No clue, really, but suspect my attachment to rainy days might have something to do with it. *purrrrs because the endless rains of Autumn may have just begun*

Either that, or it's because I wrote something all angsty and sniffly and terrible and it's gonna end on such a waffy note, too. But I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Whew. Good solid chunk of typing, that. Much accomplished. Story's almost done.

Remind me to beat Brain-chan to death when I have a spare moment. I don't want to be sleepless like this any more for a good long time to come.

Did I get angsty? Yes. Did I get weird? Indeed. Did I get strangely metaphysical? Hell yeah. Is it only gonna get worse? -_- Uh-huh.

And here's the results of my long and difficult labors:

Ragnarok Rewritten: A Trickster's Tears -- Part 2 )

Only one more bit to go. Then I can get back to the business of being funny. -_- Though I can't seem to keep the waff out of that either. Smunk me, I'm a Waff Machine. It's compulsive waffyness, I just can't help it. Waff waff waff waff...

Now I sound like a duck with a lisp. -_-

Anyway, got work to do. Hopefully to finish the Loki funny story and get it out of my system before Brain-chan cooks up anything else. Or it may already be too late. *Brain-chan makes note to have RS look up Old Norse Wedding Traditions and find a Map Of Asgard* @_@

Aaarrrrrgh....I think I found my spare moment. C'mere, Brain-chan...
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Still rainy, so that's good. Nice cool day.

-_- But I'm tired. My frenetically insane Idea Machine, dear little Brain-chan (whom we all know and love), decided to wake me up at four blinkin' o'clock in the morning with a plunnie. And had me tossing and turning the rest of my sleeptime away because I would not get up and write it, because Dammit I Have Work In The Morning.

Bleh. Needed lots of coffee. Still do.

But Brain-chan, insistent little snit that she is, ensured that it got written anyway, even if it wasn't on her timetable. So here it is. Skippy-doo-dah.

Ragnarok Rewritten: A Trickster's Tears )

I'll have to finish it when I can. *sigh* My current Rate of Writing Speed is substantially hampered by my crankiness.

And for those of you who prefer a bit lighter fare, the conclusion of the recent Loki funny-plunnie should be accomplished soon. Containing a few oopses, a few interruptions, and plenty of ice cream.

Hm. I want some too...

Do I sound excited? Heh. Blah. Am definitely matching my mood button. (*grouse grump growl*) Hopefully I will perk up before I snarl at anyone I actually know. >_< I hate being tired. Sure, I can stay up all night writing, but when I want sleep I want sleep. And when I don't get it, it shows. Snarkety snark snark.....

Hm. A small thought to send in ickaimpIcka's direction. Regarding the Norse Hell freezing over...I'm not entirely sure, but I think that Norse Hell, located in a part of Niflheim, is a place of eternal Winter.

Guess the Vikings in the cold north seas thought that freezing their a$$es off was a lot worse than...*ahem* warmer weather.
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Today it actually rained. Rained! After weeks and months of very unusual summer-hot weather. @_@ It has never been 110 degrees before, as long as I've lived here. But today it rained! ^_^ I love rainy days. I can sit inside, listen to the rain, and write stuff at my nice li'l desk by the window. *happy sigh* And it's nice and cool so my window's open, and rain smells so sweet and fresh....

Ah, today is a writing day, yes.

^_^ So here's the results of some of that. More Loki! A little more of this crazy fic from last time. I'm still working on it, and it's progressing nicely. Here, have a look:

Read more... )

And if that's not bad enough, we still have more insanity to come. @_@ Can I possibly get any worse?

Yeah. Maybe I should go write something Saiyuki for a while, just to let Brain-chan cool off. ^_~ We do have so much fun torturing chibi-detectives. Hee!

Fun, yes....

PS: ^_^ See the piccie up at the top? The one with Shinichi which makes my li'l LJ look so darn kewl? That's all thanks to [ profile] ickaimp. Must thank her again.

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Back again to test out the LJ some more! This time we try....ficcage! ^_^

Guess this spot is going to be for those snippets and bits that don't fit elsewhere, or are completely unpostable otherwise. Please note that for me, this would mean extreme Weirdness. ^_^;; You have been warned. Prepare Thyself.

And for my next trick....Matantei Loki Ragnarok! *applause light comes on* Yes? No? Maybe? Er, anyway, if you want to read my first attempt, here goes. Fluff, humor, perhaps weird enough, @_@ I dunno. It's my first time (be gentle!) and I became hopelessly Loki/Mayura without realizing it, soooo......

^_^;; well then, here's at least the first part...

Read more... )

I suppose this whole idea should be entertaining....I hope. If not, oh well. If too OOC, smack me upside the head. ^_^ If it's just too stupid...well, that's kinda to be expected from me...

Anyhow, more later!


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