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[--and long moments passed as Al just stared at him, until he began to fidget, looking down and away and supremely uncomfortable as nerves and shame began to supercede his previous anger. For some reason he couldn't read the motionless, expressionless armor just then and it unnerved him--he could hardly stand to look at himself anymore and the thought of anyone, even his brother, staring at him like that...

"What are you looking at?" he growled at his feet, trying to hide the flush creeping up his face. "Quit staring already!"

But instead of gasping in horror, or bursting out laughing, or a million other things Ed had been expecting--and had tried to prepare himself to deal with--Al just let out a deep, weary breath and somehow managed to look both exasperated and sympathetic all at once. "Brother," he sighed wearily, almost as if he'd been expecting this, "what have you gotten yourself into this time?"]

Gack. Now we're writing FMA! O_o Just more scribbles and sketches, but....jeeze! I haven't even finished my coffee! @_@ Brain-chan no baka can't make up her mind again! *grump, grouch, growl* And I wanted to finish the darn GW Plunnie and get some TWD done for Sara and work on RT a bit.... GRAR!

Gonna work on RT at lunch even if I have to murder Brain-chan to get away with it. And no, Conan will not find out.
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Here ya go; I grabbed a moment to sneak this aboard. Friends can have a look-see; nobody laugh too hard, this is a very fluffy piece of ficcage, inspired out of Icka's much more high-quality Red Stone series. It's sort of a "scene insert," for a point in time that isn't specifically written out in Icka's fic. Maybe it happened this way, maybe it didn't (it probably didn't), but this is my cute and WAFFy way of seeing it. (Could also be an exercise in fluff since I've been so serious with Coming Home lately. Gawd, it's almost time and I'm still not finished.....! ;_; Work is killing me.)

So here it is, the long-awaited (and much-dreaded) fluffy piece:

Ring of Toadstools )

Again, I'm sorry for not showing up, y'all. Work is mind-numbing and then I'm dead tired when I come home, so I flop and stare at the walls for way too long. -_- My feet hurt. Now I'm gonna go crash and get up to do it all over again. Whee. Oh well, I have a day off on Wednesday, so I'm hoping like hell I can use that day to finish Coming Home. Please pray for me, y'all! I wanna make it this time!

Love & Hugs


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