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Today it actually rained. Rained! After weeks and months of very unusual summer-hot weather. @_@ It has never been 110 degrees before, as long as I've lived here. But today it rained! ^_^ I love rainy days. I can sit inside, listen to the rain, and write stuff at my nice li'l desk by the window. *happy sigh* And it's nice and cool so my window's open, and rain smells so sweet and fresh....

Ah, today is a writing day, yes.

^_^ So here's the results of some of that. More Loki! A little more of this crazy fic from last time. I'm still working on it, and it's progressing nicely. Here, have a look:

* * * *

"What are you doing here?"

After a brief, annoyed blink at each other for the jinx, Freyr crossed his arms haughtily. "Freyr does not have to answer to the likes of you. But if you must know, he is here protecting his future wife's honor from that lecherous scoundrel of a lad."

Loki looked at him for a moment, the corners of his mouth twitching. When he could no longer help it, a snort of laughter escaped him, quickly quelled. "Whatever you say, Freyr. Come along, Yamino-kun, we're going to lose them."

Still looking vaguely amused--at least his mood was better, Yamino reflected--Loki continued down the sidewalk at a safe distance from the dating pair. With a polite nod to the now-insulted fertility god, Yamino hustled after Loki with as much dignity as their sneaky endeavor allowed.

"I say, wait!"

Loki rolled his eyes as Freyr strode hurriedly after them, not pleased with the poorly-dressed--in his opinion, anyway--kaitou's lack of quietness.

"Wait, Loki." Freyr drew abreast of him, looking down at the small boy. "What are you here for?"

"Me?" Loki eyed the taller man. "My own reasons."

Freyr gave him a narrow-eyed stare, then glanced up at Yamino.

Yamino looked startled, immediately putting up both hands as they walked. "Goodness, why does everyone always expect me to tell them?"

Loki sighed, trying to ignore both of the taller men. He walked a little faster, keeping an eye on the strolling couple ahead. Dinner was over, they should be heading home now...

Then Kotarou grabbed Mayura's hand and spoke quickly to her before dragging her off around the corner in a direction that was not toward home.

Startled, Loki gaped for a moment, before increasing his pace to a jog. "Why that--!"

"My beautiful traditional Japanese wife!" Freyr began to wail, rushing after him. "He's dragging her of to an unwholesome tryst against her will! I must--!"

"Ano...excuse me, Loki-sama..." Yamino's quietly urgent voice brought them to a stop just around the corner, as he gestured to the establishment there--where Mayura's distinctively-colored hair could be seen disappearing into the doorway. "I believe he's taken her miniature golfing."

Stopped mid-stride, both Freyr and Loki stared at the sign. "Eh?"

"From the reading I've been doing," Yamino explained cheerfully, holding up one finger, "this is a very popular activity for dates in many modern human cultures, as it is an enjoyable physical skill game that--"

"Spare me," Loki grumbled, heading for the door.

Yamino shut his mouth and followed his "master" into the building. My my, he's certainly short-tempered tonight...

Still mumbling nonsensical fears to himself, Freyr followed them inside.

The trio ducked along foyer inside, keeping out of sight as Mayura and Kotarou claimed their clubs and golf balls and headed for the course.

As the dating couple moved along the mini-courses, Loki and company ducked behind windmills and giant pumpkins, trying to stay out of sight as they followed. Of course, this time quite a few more people noticed them, but only Yamino seemed inclined to care.

Freyr spent most of the time quietly bemoaning the virginity of his vaunted bride-to-be. As if miniature golfing was some kind of arcane human mating ritual.

Loki rolled his eyes at him--before realizing that according to Yamino, it just might be. For all the time he spent here, he wasn't exactly up to date on every corner of human behavior...

So this might be worse than expected. If miniature golfing led that Kotarou boy to believe he had rights to molest Mayura...

Suddenly Loki wanted a reason to interrupt and end the date. As it was, something held him back; he would look like the villain if he broke up a perfectly innocent date. The only time Kotarou had touched Mayura had been to pull her in the door by the hand--bad enough in Loki's book, but he wasn't doing it now. He did not use the arrangements of the mini-courses in any way to brush against her. He did not even attempt to look up her skirt when she bent over to fetch her ball from the holes. He was pleasant, talkative, made her laugh, and laughed with her in all the right places.

Kotarou was behaving like a perfect gentleman, and for some reason, it was now seriously annoying Loki.

He wanted an excuse to walk over there and crush that boy.


Yamino's voice broke into his petulant, angry train of thought. "What?" he snapped.

"There's really no reason to be so angry..."

Loki merely scowled and turned back to watch the show.

Yamino adjusted his glasses and traded glances with Freyr. Loki-sama was irritated enough now that his aura was visibly roiling--at least to those who had eyes to see it, such as Yamino. If he kept getting angry, something was going to hit critical mass, and it wasn't going to be pretty. The bespectacled man edged a few steps away and hoped they would all survive the explosion.

A Loki-sama temper-tantrum was not a pretty sight.

The golf game did not end soon enough. Mayura looked to be enjoying herself immensely, smiling brightly and chattering as she and Kotarou headed out the door.

Loki followed, both of the taller men at his heels. Finally, now he can take her home and--wait, now where is he going?

Much to Loki's disbelief, once again Kotarou did not lead Mayura toward home. They turned to stroll down a completely different street, still having the time of their lives, ignorant of the three stalkers behind them. They continued on for a while, neither one glancing to the rear, until they came to a--

"A movie theater?" Loki hazarded as the pair disappeared inside, seeing the posters and the lights adorning the front of the large, squarish building.

"Ah, yes," Yamino said, once again in Teacher Mode. "This is another very popular human dating practice, often considered very romantic. It allows the couple time to sit close together in the dark while watching audiovisual entertainment--"



"Shut up."


As Freyr began once more to bemoan the fate of his "bride," Loki headed into the building at a determined clip. Once inside the lobby, neither Mayura nor Kotarou were anywhere in sight.

The boy/god pulled up short, eyes flicking about. "Now where did they go?"

Yamino adjusted his glasses again. "I believe they must have selected a movie and have gone into that theater."

"How do we know which one?"

"There will be many humans in each theater," Freyr added dejectedly.

"I believe I can find them," Yamino offered, his glasses glinting. "Please wait here."

Loki watched him head to the ticket booth in the lobby and speak quietly to the woman sitting within. After a brief monetary transaction, the green-haired man returned with a pleased smile on his face.

"Here you are, Loki-sama," he reported, handing a ticket to the small boy. "It appears they've gone in to watch The Thread of Fate in theater number three."

"Then let's go." Immediately, Loki headed for the back of the lobby and the hallway that led to the theaters.

"Wh-what about me?" Freyr demanded, when he realized that he didn't have a ticket.

"Oh, my apologies!" Yamino replied, smiling so as to hide the unrepentant glint in his eyes--it would be impolite after all. "I'm afraid I only have the funds to allow Loki-sama and myself to buy tickets."

"See you around, Freyr," Loki tossed over his shoulder as he and Yamino proceeded into the theater hallway.

Freyr stewed for a moment, before snorting haugtily and turning on his heel. "Very well then. Freyr shall do this his own way. And what better way is there than the methods of...Kaitou Freyr!"

Laughing at the sharpness of his own wit, the fertility god dashed out of the theater to summon his dwarven-made mount.

"Come, Gullinbursti!"

* * * *

And if that's not bad enough, we still have more insanity to come. @_@ Can I possibly get any worse?

Yeah. Maybe I should go write something Saiyuki for a while, just to let Brain-chan cool off. ^_~ We do have so much fun torturing chibi-detectives. Hee!

Fun, yes....

PS: ^_^ See the piccie up at the top? The one with Shinichi which makes my li'l LJ look so darn kewl? That's all thanks to [ profile] ickaimp. Must thank her again.

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