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I dunno, would this count as a fic challenge, or what?

Just an idea to feed plunnies, but which has probably been done before: A funny DC fic, wherein Kuroba Kaito (and possibly his friend Nakamori Aoko) finds himself--absolutely, completely by total accident, not something Kid planned--tangled up in a murder case overseen by one Edogawa Conan himself. ^_^; Possibly as one of the suspects; police present and everything. Not a happy camper, and trying to avoid Conan's scrutiny as much as possible ("Don't look at me; goofy high school student, nothing more"). What does he do now?

(Has nothing to do with any of my current fics.)

Just as an example... )

^_^ Back to work for me; doing ficcage at lunchtime, yay....
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Here ya go; I grabbed a moment to sneak this aboard. Friends can have a look-see; nobody laugh too hard, this is a very fluffy piece of ficcage, inspired out of Icka's much more high-quality Red Stone series. It's sort of a "scene insert," for a point in time that isn't specifically written out in Icka's fic. Maybe it happened this way, maybe it didn't (it probably didn't), but this is my cute and WAFFy way of seeing it. (Could also be an exercise in fluff since I've been so serious with Coming Home lately. Gawd, it's almost time and I'm still not finished.....! ;_; Work is killing me.)

So here it is, the long-awaited (and much-dreaded) fluffy piece:

Ring of Toadstools )

Again, I'm sorry for not showing up, y'all. Work is mind-numbing and then I'm dead tired when I come home, so I flop and stare at the walls for way too long. -_- My feet hurt. Now I'm gonna go crash and get up to do it all over again. Whee. Oh well, I have a day off on Wednesday, so I'm hoping like hell I can use that day to finish Coming Home. Please pray for me, y'all! I wanna make it this time!

Love & Hugs
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Don't ever let me feed Brain-chan two large cups of strong coffee again. Morning is one thing; caffiene in the afternoon is insane.

Nor should we ever ponder RT while staring at a steaming pot of tea.

Short ficcie-type thing -- Attention Hog: The Perfect Revenge )

Now that that's out of our system...

^_^ Think I'll return to my regularly scheduled intelligence. See y'all later!


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