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My geekdom knows no bounds; I never know what might set a muse off. Usually nothing that I need to be working on at any given moment. But here it is; I wrote something a couple weeks back after seeing TRON Classic and TRON: Legacy afresh. Has nothing to do with anime of any sort, nor is it complete--it's part of a much larger idea (when is it ever not, with me?) so I'll just call this a creative exercise. A demonstration, if you will, that I can still write somewhat. ^^; That I still know how to type.

Title: TRON: untitled so far
Rating: Teen, for angst, but what the heck it's from a Disney movie.
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers for TRON and T:L including secret identities. But please, feel free to go watch the movies! Campy fun.
Summary/Info: Takes place during/right after the end of TRON: Legacy. A warrior falls, and rises.

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Hope you like!

I have a nice, long, quiet weekend ahead to work on more consequential stuff. The family is embarking on a trip to the State Fair on Saturday-Monday to participate in a competition with their riding club; I'll be holding down the fort. Blessed stillness!

Some more successful authors than me have suggested that I complete stories before posting them officially. I think I will be trying that for a while, see if it gets me to finish more. If I post any unfinished things to journal for perusal they will be friendlocked.

Otherwise encouragement (read that: Kick In The Pants) for story finishing is appreciated! Stuff like RT needs to get done. ^_^


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