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Back again to test out the LJ some more! This time we try....ficcage! ^_^

Guess this spot is going to be for those snippets and bits that don't fit elsewhere, or are completely unpostable otherwise. Please note that for me, this would mean extreme Weirdness. ^_^;; You have been warned. Prepare Thyself.

And for my next trick....Matantei Loki Ragnarok! *applause light comes on* Yes? No? Maybe? Er, anyway, if you want to read my first attempt, here goes. Fluff, humor, perhaps weird enough, @_@ I dunno. It's my first time (be gentle!) and I became hopelessly Loki/Mayura without realizing it, soooo......

^_^;; well then, here's at least the first part...

* * * *

All things considered, Yamino thought, this is not going well.

"A-ano, Loki-sama..." he whispered cautiously, trying to think of something usefully placating to say.

"Hsht!" the young boy hissed at him, not even casting back a narrow-eyed glance, his attention focussed on one thing only. "Quiet."

"But..." Sighing, Yamino trailed off, realizing that Loki was already ignoring him again. The trickster god, ever frustrated to be locked into a little boy's body, was all but leaning out of the restaraunt booth, ears straining to pick up the conversation going on just two booths down from where he and Yamino sat.

It was a fairly nice restaraunt--nice enough that even Yamino felt a little cowed by the prices of some of the items on the menu. But then again, Mayura-san's escort was quite well off, and such a dining location was to be expected.

And said escort was being a perfect gentleman, so Yamino just couldn't see what Loki-sama was so upset about...

"Good evening, I'll be your waiter tonight, if there's anything--oi! You!"

Both Yamino and Loki looked up at their server, blinking. "Narugami?"

Dressed in a fine black and white server's uniform, Narugami--more privately known as Thor, god of Thunder--stared down at the two of them in surprise. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, more of Loki than of Yamino.

Loki scowled; it was probably meant to be disdainful but it came out more as petulant on his little-boy face. "None of your business. And I'm not here to order anything, so you can get lost."

"Loki-sama, please..." Yamino tried, only to be cut off by Narugami.

"Well, if you're not here for a meal, I can kick you out." The disguised Thunder-god gave a smug smile. "It's the rules. No loitering and all that."

"You wouldn't dare," Loki retorted.

"Try me." Now the smile was a definite "just-because-I-can" grin.

Loki's glare would have been a terrible thing to see--had he been in his true shape, that is. As things stood at the moment, he only resembled a very put-out child. "Fine. Bring me something small and cheap. I don't care."

"Right then." Narugami chuckled and made a note on his pad. "I'm sure I can think of something."

The look in his eyes promised something interesting. Yamino glanced between the two worriedly, hoping that this evening would not result in one of Loki-sama's--for lack of a better term--silent hissy fits. For being a trickster god and often in the doghouse with the Norse pantheon, he was awfully used to getting his way...

"So what brings you here anyway?" Narugami asked, suddenly conversational. "I don't see you as the fancy dinner type when there's not a female to impress."

"I said it's none of your business," Loki retorted, his attention already returning to the booth a little ways down--the booth that Narugami had not yet noticed, since another waiter was working that particular table.

Narugami cocked an eyebrow, turning to Yamino. "Yo, Megane."

"H-hai?" Yamino sat straight up, at attention. He had always been a little terrified of Thor--not only was he the most fearsome warrior among the gods, but he was also the one fated to kill him in the end. Even if he was one of the friendliest gods there were...

"Why don't you tell me what's got your 'Loki-sama' in such a twist?" Narugami asked, looming over him a bit.

"A-ano--that is--I shouldn't--ah--"

"Hmmm?" The Thunder god loomed even more.

"He's only worried about Mayura-san!" Yamino blurted, cringing when his voice drew Loki's attention back to their table.

"Yamino-kun!" the god-turned-boy hissed.

"Mayura's here?" Narugami blinked, leaning back a bit to glance around. In a moment, he spotted her distinctive hair a couple booths down. With her was a handsome blond-haired boy he recognized from their classes at school.

He stared at them for a few seconds. Then he burst out laughing--muffling it as best he could so as not to draw the attention of the entire restaraunt.

Yamino cringed, as Loki glared in disgust at the both of them. "Thank you very much, Yamino-kun."

"I'm sorry, Loki-sama..."

After several moments of helpless chuckles, Narugami finally managed to speak. "I can't believe it..." he gasped, still trying to keep his laughter down. "You're jealous!" And he collapsed into another wave of muffled guffaws.

"I am not!" Loki shot back, looking consummately insulted that a fellow god could even suggest such a thing--he, the Sly One, the god of Fire, Loki the Sky Traveler, jealous of a mere mortal boy? The very idea!

Narugami actually had to wipe his eyes--he found the situation that funny. It was rare indeed to see the great Trickster of legend this peeved about something "How the hell did she end up with that guy?" he chuckled, leaning on Yamino's side of the booth. "I would've thought Freyr would be the first to take her out."

If anything, Loki looked even more peevish at the idea of that particular god on a date with Mayura. "Freyr is a moron."

Unbeknownst to them, someone sneezed outside one of the restaraunt windows.

"So what happened, Megane?" Narugami inquired, when Loki once again was not forthcoming.

Yamino looked from Loki's scowling face to Narugami's smug grin and tried to decide which one terrified him more.

Well, at least if I make Thor happy, I can ask for a quick painless death at Ragnarok... He sighed wearily. Loki-sama wouldn't kill me, and that might be worse...

With a silent apology to Loki, Yamino adjusted his glasses and haltingly began. "A-actually, it happened like this..."

"It's Friday," Kotarou moaned to the world in general, leaning against the shoe lockers. "And I'm out of a date."

"Huh?" Mayura blinked at the blond boy as she fetched her own shoes. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Kotarou-kun. What happened?"

"Eh, her aunt got sick and she and her mom have to go out of town. She canceled on me!" Kotarou looked supremely depressed. "Now it's Friday night and I've got nothing to do..."

Loki gave the teen boy a wry glance, carefully hidden from Mayura's eyes. He and Yamino, having been in town that morning, had stopped by the school to walk with Mayura back to the Detective Agency, since they happened to be there at that particular time of day.

Yamino often wondered how coincidental Loki-sama's schedule was, when it coincided with Mayura's.

"Ready to go, Mayura?" the boy/god asked, offering her his most winning smile--one that had a knee-melting effect when he was at his true size, and right now obviously did not. But currently, it came out very kawaii and, as he had discovered, highly efficient in achieving compliance from most women. Sometimes cute-little-boy was even more effective than sexy-trickster-god, and for that he had no explanation.

"Yup, I'm ready!" Finished with her shoes, Mayura hefted her school bag and smiled down at the boy.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Kotarou's face had turned contemplative from the moment he had seen her friendly expression toward Loki. "Hey, I've got an idea--wait up--" Quickly, he caught hold of Mayura's arm before she could follow the younger boy out.

"Huh?" Mayura looked faintly surprised at his sudden forwardness. "Uh, what is it, Kotarou-kun?"

With a close gaze, Kotarou scrutinized her up and down, looking her over carefully. His eyes were so intent that, for a moment, Mayura began to blush a little.

"All right! You'll do." Kotarou broke off his examination and smiled at her--a very stellar smile, glitter included. "You're pretty enough now that I take a closer look. Are you busy tonight?"

"Huh?" Mayura made a confused noise for the second time within a minute--while beside her, Loki looked suddenly flabbergasted.

"I said are you busy tonight?" Kotarou repeated. "I'll take you out for a date. C'mon, it'll be fun--nothing serious, just dinner. I've got to have something to do tonight."

"A-a-ano...but I....I'm not..." Beet-red, Mayura stuttered to say the right thing, and was not as successful as she hoped.

Intending to rescue her from her speechlessness, Loki stepped in. "That's right, she's not interested." He narrowed his eyes at the blond teen. "And she's not your replacement date."

Kotarou just chuckled at him, unaware that by doing so he was risking death, dismemberment, and damnation. "Come on, I wasn't asking you, chibi. Hey, Daidouzi? What do you say?"

"I...I..." Mayura's wits seemed to have taken a temporary leave of absence.

"It's not like you've got anything better to do," Kotarou offered. "It'll be fun."

"She does too have something to do," Loki countered. "We're going back to the Agency."

The mention of the Agency snapped Mayura out of her stutter and immediately into eagerness. "Really, Loki-kun? Do we have an appointment? A customer? A mystery?"

Caught, Loki froze with an "oh damn" look on his face, glancing to Yamino for assistance. "Er, no..." the boy/god replied reluctantly "But...we come on!" He caught hold of Mayura's hand and attempted to tug her toward the door--an attempt that was thwarted by Kotarou's continued grip on her other arm. Mayura quickly found herself the object of a small tug-of-war.

"Uh, uh, wait a minute...!" she tried to protest, as Yamino looked flustered and tried to appease the situation.

"Loki-sama, Kotarou-san...I'm sure we can arrange something..."

"So you really don't have anything special to do tonight," Kotarou said, once the brief tugging match ended. "Then you can come with me."

Loki glared daggers, but again Kotarou laughed, even going so far as to pat him on the head. "Wow, Daidouzi, this kid's really crushing on you. Poor little guy--the competition's just too stiff." The blond boy preened a bit, smiling at Mayura. "Look, I gotta go. I'll pick you up at seven, so don't be late! See ya!"

And with that, Kotarou waved, flashed a sparkling smile, and departed at a jog, looking supremely pleased with himself.

Mayura stared after him, flushing, somewhat overwhelmed by the suddenness of it all. "He...he asked me out..."

"Che." Loki glared after the teen in disgust. "Just because the first girl he asked dumped him."

"I've never been on a date before..." Looking thoughtful, Mayura glanced down at the floor.

"Yeah, he must've been really desperate," Loki put in, with a teasing grin. "You finally ready, Mayura?"

At the younger boy's comment, Mayura's face pinched in almost childish anger. "Desperate?" she demanded, startling Loki. "I'll have you know the only reason I haven't been on dates before is because I've never said 'yes' to anyone!"

Loki blinked at her. "Doesn't that also mean nobody's ever asked you?"

"Loki-sama...!" Yamino protested, a bit ashamed of the boy's rudeness.

"And you didn't even say 'yes' to him," Loki went on, in his usual fashion. "You just stood there like a lump."

Mayura flushed again, this time with indignation. "Hmph! What does a little boy like you know about dates?" She turned away from him in a huff. "Fine then! At least somebody has some regard for me. I'm going to go out on my first date tonight, with someone who appreciates me."

Stunned, Loki gaped up at her. "You're...actually going?" He simply did not see Mayura as the dating type.

He did not want to see Mayura as the dating type...

"I'm going." She looked at the clock. "Right now. I need plenty of time to get ready--I'll have to pick my dress and everything...I'll see you around, Loki-kun."

"But...!" He tried to hang on to her hand, but she tugged away and strode for the doors, her jaw set primly and a her steps determined.

Slack-jawed, Loki watched her disappear out the doors. He gaped after her for long moments, still shocked that she had accepted Kotarou's offer.

Then Yamino leaned down a little to speak quietly. " least they'll have a nice evening," he offered hopefully. "That Kotarou-san seems like he knows how to show a lady a good time."

Recovering, Loki's eyes narrowed. "That's what worries me..." After a moment, he came to a decision. "Yamino-kun--come on."

"Yes? Are we going home?" the taller man inquired politely.

"No." Loki began to walk out the door, Yamino close behind him. "I'm going to make sure that playboy does treat Mayura like a lady. She's silly enough to deserve whatever she gets, but not from him. He insulted me."

Quickly seeing where this was going, Yamino sighed wearily. "Loki-sama..." Oh dear, this is
not going to be pleasant...

Narugami was laughing helplessly once more, as Yamino's tale drew to a close. He leaned against the bespectacled man's side of the booth and attempted once more to keep the noise down, with marginal success. At least no one was staring at the trio--yet.

Loki had fixed him with a consummately bored, flat-eyed look. "Are you quite finished?"

"Almost," Narugami chuckled, wiping his eyes again. "I haven't heard something this funny since the time you and Odin--"

"I don't really care how amused you are," Loki interrupted, scowling now. "I believe I ordered something."

"Something, all right," Narugami snickered teasingly. "So that's what you're doing here, Loki? You're afraid that kid is going to put the moves on your little friend?"

Loki snorted. "If she falls for that, it's her own fault."

"Ah-ha..." Narugami smirked. "Right. Blond, handsome, popular playboy...I get it. He reminds you of you--no wonder you're worried."

"Me? That spoiled insignificant little--?" Loki cut himself off and glared at the Thunder-god, well aware that the conversation was stepping outside the bounds of being safe for public locales. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Eh, so what's your problem then?" Instead of leaning in an attempt to stay upright, Narugami leaned casually against Yamino's side of the booth, causing the dark-haired man no end of nervousness. "Bit unfair of you, don't you think? I mean, you've never exactly limited yourself to one lady at a time. Why can't she go out with that kid?"

Loki's sharp-edged glare returned full force, and Yamino began desperately trying to think of a way to get out from between the two of them. Bad enough Loki-sama was upset, but now to have Thor leaning over him like a piano hanging on a rope was more than nerve-wracking.

Salvation came in an unexpected form. Yamino spotted movement from the table two booths down and thanked the forces of Fate for their timely intervention. "A-ano, Loki-sama, they're leaving!" he squeaked, dragging the attention of both gods back to the object of Loki's undercover observation.

"Right." Narugami's prodding forgotten, Loki's sharp eyes fixed on the back of Mayura's head as she followed Kotarou toward the front of the restaraunt. "Wait a few moments, until they exit--then we go."

Narugami blinked. "Oi, what about your order?"

"Too late, isn't it?" Loki flashed him a brief, unrepentant grin. "You stood here chattering with Yamino-kun instead of doing your duties--it's your fault."

"Dammit, Loki..." Miffed, the god of Thunder folded his arms and stepped back in a huff, allowing Yamino to rise from the booth.

"Cuss at me later, 'Narugami-kun,'" Loki retorted amusedly, not even looking in his direction as he scooted from his seat and began to move toward the doors, Yamino in tow. "Right now I'm indisposed."

As the Trickster god and the Midgard Serpent headed toward the doors, Narugami snorted, half in amusement and half in exasperation. "The mud's gonna be on your face before this is over, my friend," he muttered as he strode back to his duties in the rear of the restaraunt.

As Loki and Yamino exited the establishment, they lingered in the entryway carefully to make sure that neither Kotarou nor Mayura spotted them. The "happy couple" ahead walked side by side down the walk, to destinations unknown, both of them smiling and talking and acting as though they were having the time of their lives.

Peeking out from behind some of the shrubbery at the corner of the restaraunt's entrance, Loki scowled thunderously at the back of Kotarou's head. So far, the blond teen had done nothing untoward, but if his behaviors at the school were anything to go by, he could be just as bad or worse than Loki imagined...

Yamino adjusted his glasses nervously; for the moment he was glad that Loki-sama did not posess all of his powers in this form, otherwise the poor ignorant Kotarou-san would be quite dead. If looks could kill--and the glance of a kami might just accomplish it...

"Who does he think he is, anyway? I told them both I was against this..." Loki muttered to himself, peering around the bush.

"Indeed!" replied the bush, in a very familiar voice. "I am fully against this 'date' arrangement..."

Loki jumped away from the shrub in shock--about the same time that the speaker in the bush fell out of it in surprise.



They stared at each other for a moment before both mouths opened in unison to snap out an angry demand.

"What are you doing here?"

* * * *

Ta-da! And there you have it folks, the first LJ fic installment. More coming soon? ^_^;; I have no idea...

I suppose this whole idea should be entertaining....I hope. If not, oh well. If too OOC, smack me upside the head. ^_^ If it's just too stupid...well, that's kinda to be expected from me...

Anyhow, more later!

Date: 2003-09-06 08:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!
Oh Boy Oh Boy!!! And Girl!

I can't WAIT to see what happens. Why am I picturing Loki coming home with egg on his face and Mayura completely clueless about it?
... and a date with someone else...
Hmm... Voices are commenting about Thor, but I'm thinking he doesn't have that much of a death wish.
*Sigh* Narugami's so sweet... acts like everyone's big brother. Including the teasing.

Finished reading Death Machine, very cool. Kinda creepy, but still cool. Half tempted to do Fanart.. *sighs*

((GLOMPS!)) Thanks!


Date: 2003-09-06 09:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

2. Loki calls Thor Narukami-kun, a pun on his false name AND on being the God of Thunder. We Don't Question Sensei.

3. Mayura's name is DaidouJI.

^_^ thanks!

Date: 2003-09-06 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thankies for the corrections! I'm always up for assistance, especially with a new fandom. ^_^ Hope you continue to enjoy!


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