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I dunno, would this count as a fic challenge, or what?

Just an idea to feed plunnies, but which has probably been done before: A funny DC fic, wherein Kuroba Kaito (and possibly his friend Nakamori Aoko) finds himself--absolutely, completely by total accident, not something Kid planned--tangled up in a murder case overseen by one Edogawa Conan himself. ^_^; Possibly as one of the suspects; police present and everything. Not a happy camper, and trying to avoid Conan's scrutiny as much as possible ("Don't look at me; goofy high school student, nothing more"). What does he do now?

(Has nothing to do with any of my current fics.)

Surprise meeting on a train

The sound of Aoko's scream had him out of his seat and sprinting toward the back of the traincar almost before he realized he was moving. He had never heard her sound like that--a terrified shriek that went far beyond a mere scare and raised all the hair on the back of his neck--and his first assumption was that something unspeakable had happened to her.

Kaito found her stumbling back out of the ladies' lavatory, huge-eyed and shaking--and then he was shaking her, trying to get a response. "Aoko--Aoko! What happened? Are you okay? What--?"

The terrified girl's trembling, pointed finger turned his gaze into the still-open lavatory door--where the limp shape of a woman sat half-spilled out of the stall. He stiffened the moment he noticed the gray skin, and the bloody foam coming from the woman's mouth and nose. "Oh holy--"

And then he was pulling Aoko away, getting her clear of that horrible view and holding her close--he'd never seen her so shaken; he was shaken too, he could never get used to that--

There were concerned people also milling closer, drawn by the scream--they too were seeing it, their raised voices of alarm and dismay crowding the narrow train passage. The ordinary schoolboy in him was gibbering Someone take charge, someone fix this.

While the kaitou part of him was already growling Bad, this is bad, too much publicity too close--

"What happened? Is everyone all right?"

The voice was female and familiar--practiced enough he could mimic it in his sleep. Incoming hostiles, three o'clock, snapped the kaitou in him that never slept.

Mouri Ran. He looked up; there she was, pushing through the onlookers, her father close behind her. His eyes went wide for half a moment before he instantly Poker Faced all recognition; if she was here, then that meant--

Ohhhhh shit.

Edogawa Conan was already at the scene, kneeling over the woman's body, having zipped right past him without his even noticing. How did he--when did he--oh jeeze, right under my radar--I didn't even see him on the train--

He fought the urge to stare at the kid--who he knew was most emphatically not a kid--and kept his attention on Aoko, whom Ran was concernedly trying to comfort. This is bad, this is very bad--how the hell did I not know he was on this train? Smooth, Kuroba, real smooth! We're going to hit the next station and stop, and then this place'll be crawling with cops--and I'm here as Kuroba Kaito, not Kid, not a disguise...

And I'm a suspect, he realized, with even greater horror. The chibi doesn't know me from Adam--me and every other person in this train car is a suspect...

His mind began to run at ninety miles per hour, even as he forced his face to remain as startled and worried as any ordinary high schooler confronted by a dead body. I can't run. Can't hide. Me going inexplicably missing from the passenger manifest would be a first indication of guilt. I have to stay here and play the part of the scared teenager...

He noticed Conan looking up at him, gaze sharp and measuring, and fought back the flinch. He doesn't know me, he's not looking for Kid--I'm just perfectly ordinary goofy high school magician Kaito, no phantom thieves here--

"You're the ones who found the body, right?" the unchildish boy-voice asked.

"Uh, sh-she did." He indicated Aoko, still clinging to his arm, with a nod of his head. "She screamed, so I ran over here..."


He didn't realize he was all but holding his breath until the chibi looked away. Then little "Conan" was turning sweet blue eyes up at Aoko to ask the "neechan" if she'd seen anything as she approached the bathroom and--


Ow. Kaito winced sympathetically as Mouri Kogoro's fist impacted the top of the boy's head. But at the same time... Thank you, Mouri-san! Now if you'll just run interference for me, the chibi won't have time to contemplate anything but dodging you and solving the mystery! This works great!

The floor shifted underneath them, and the faint, distant groaning told him that the train was already beginning to stop. Soon, the car would be flooded with policemen, evidence teams, and inspectors. And with the searches and questioning likely to take place, perhaps it was a good thing he was here only as Kuroba Kaito--he had nothing incriminating in his luggage or on his person; nothing worse than a deck of cards, a couple birds, and a few handkerchiefs, anyway.

But then he caught Conan's single brief glance as the boy rubbed his head and shuffled out of the way, and steeled himself for a long, tense afternoon.

But still, I can't screw up. He's too sharp not to notice. At least I'm not impersonating anyone he knows--but if I slip even once, the slightest bit, he'll nail my ass to the wall and then bye-bye Kuroba, hello ten to twenty.

But he doesn't know me. There's no Kid here today. I'm only Kuroba Kaito, high school student, and none of this has anything to do with me...

^_^ Back to work for me; doing ficcage at lunchtime, yay....
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