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Don't ever let me feed Brain-chan two large cups of strong coffee again. Morning is one thing; caffiene in the afternoon is insane.

Nor should we ever ponder RT while staring at a steaming pot of tea.

Attention Hog: The Perfect Revenge

Akako sat at her desk with a contented smile on her face.

Everyone was arriving for the morning class; a cheerful Aoko, a stern-faced Hakuba, and a human thundercloud named Kuroba Kaito.

Kaito shot a glare in her direction as he sat down. She gave him one of his own tactics in return--merely widening her smile until it was frighteningly sunny. It wasn't her problem if he was being sour today; he had pranked her last week, and in proper form she had reciprocated.

Revenge was always the sweetest dish.

However, because the usual sort of pranks and tricks never seemed to upset him, she'd decided on a different angle of attack: If you can't hurt the man, aim for the ego.

So she'd "borrowed" Hakuba one night--without the blond detective's knowledge, of course--to serve as her instrument of vengeance. Then sat back and waited until Kaitou Kid's next heist rolled around.

It was beautiful. Inspector Nakamori and his personal army turned out in full force, Hakuba Saguru as wound up as his watch and raring to go, the Kid himself perched ready and waiting for the fireworks to begin.

So, to start the ball rolling, Kid leaped out of hiding with smoke bombs away to face off with Hakuba in this latest play for his target; his manic laughter echoed about the room as he landed right in front of the entire force of defenders...

Then the post-hypnotic suggestion had kicked in and Hakuba had proceeded to belt out "I'm A Little Teapot"--complete with gestures--at the top of his lungs, as gaily as a gradeschooler. The entire Kaitou Kid Task Force had dropped everything--literally everything--to stare in rapt, disbelieving horror.

There was absolutely nothing Kid could do to regain their attention. Even standing on his head right in front of them and hurling the most mocking insults barely resulted in a distracted twitch. And all the while, Hakuba continued to dance and sing as if center stage at a Broadway performance.

So all the famous thief could do was fetch his target and walk out. Nobody even noticed him leave. And the look on his face...

Akako continued to smile despite Kaito's dark glare. Of course, she'd kept copies of the surveillance tapes. This was a rare treasure that would keep her warm through the cold nights for many years to come.

It might just be worth it not to deprogram her oblivious blond puppet for a while. She had never laughed so hard in her life.


@_@ Just lucky we didn't end up with Conan or Heiji singing the song. Though that definitely wouldn't have been so horrifying. ^_^;;

Now that that's out of our system...

^_^ Think I'll return to my regularly scheduled intelligence. See y'all later!

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What? No fish?


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