May. 26th, 2005

it lives!

May. 26th, 2005 06:52 pm
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Ye gods, she's alive! Can we believe it?

*sigh* Well, life goes on. I kinda kick-started the writing a bit by buying myself some new anime (yes, I went and got schnookered by two new series! Sue me!), and getting all re-excited helped a lot. (I would still love to acquire more DC and such, since I'm trying so hard and RT is still suffering flatness syndrome.) So I'm pleased to be writing again, even if it's a bit stilted, but at least it sort of gets the ball rolling.

Just to help convince you I'm indeed alive and not completely out of it, I thought I'd share a bit. It's a crossover, involving Peacemaker Kurogane (which I'm still new-ish at, so please forgive).

A brush with danger )

Well, I hope that was entertaining. I only have the first four volumes of PMK anime and have seen about three of the manga continuation, so my facts on events are a bit's hoping it didn't sound too foolish. There's my little snippet for today...back to work on important things, like seeing if RT will function or if all my RK stuff is dead. *sigh* Brain-chan's always asleeep when I need her. -_-

I'm hoping to catch up with some folks in chats. See you then!


btailweaver: DC is my big fandom (Default)
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